Imagine A World Without Glasses And Contact Lenses…

Laser corrective surgery now offers the option to people who need corrective lenses but who prefer not to wear glasses or contact lenses. Laser surgery can correct your vision if you are shortsighted, longsighted or if you have astigmatism.

CLASSIC Eyes has offered laser eye surgery assessments since the practice was established in 2000. We work closely with ADVANCE VISIONCARE Clinic in Harley Street and particularly Mr. C.T. Pillai, one of the UK’s most respected, highly trained and experienced Consultant Refractive Surgeons.

In order to find out if a patient is suitable for laser eye surgery an initial assessment will be carried out in practices. The optometrist will take time to explain the procedure and its pros and cons, discuss predicted results and answer all questions. If a patient wishes to proceed, an appointment will be made to assess suitability for treatment.

The treatment itself takes place at the Advance VisionCare Clinic, although the initial assessment and aftercare will be carried out locally in the practice. To ensure that a patient is suitable for treatment they will undergo an extensive session of diagnostic tests in order to decide if they are suitable.

Wavefront Technology

Wavefront Technology, specifically Zyoptix™, is the latest technology available to treat vision correction. We recommend Zyoptix™ to all suitable patients, because it offers superior quality of vision compared to standard LASIK. The laser has been specifically designed for customised laser eye treatments and consistently achieves a high standard of vision.

The LASIK procedure enables both eyes to be treated at the same time and due to the rapid healing with this procedure, it is possible to return to work and drive within 24-48 hours after surgery.

Advance VisionCare

Advance VisionCare offers a level of treatment, which is unique and very different from other commercial clinics.

  • The very latest form of LASIK called Zyoptix using ‘wavefront’ technology (Bausch & Lomb Technolas® Laser)
  • All surgeries performed by Advance VisionCare’s highly trained and experienced Medical Director, who will oversee all aspects of your care throughout your treatment
  • Optimum vision correction possible
  • Outstanding levels of patient care
  • Initial consultation and aftercare available Classic Eyes EYE CARE CENTRES — making it easier to get treatment closer to home.

Contact us at either branch for an initial Laser Surgery assessment where we will evaluate your eyes to see if you are a viable candidate for laser surgery before you make a decision. All aspects of the surgery will be described in detail and all your questions answered by our optometrists.

Patient Testimonials:

“…exceeded my expectations […] excellent service…”
Alan Pindar

“…The aftercare has been excellent…”
Julie Brennan

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