You may wonder how better glasses can also improve the quality of your life. A pair of mass-produced spectacles can be made to your prescription and will provide adequate vision. But can you expect more than that?

Most lenses – ok just about every single pair – correct vision to within a quarter diopter of power. There are two reasons for this – the first is that it would be prohibitively expensive to manufacture every single degree of corrective power needed and secondly – most people cannot generally distinguish between smaller increments. This method of providing corrective lenses has been established over the decades to be a satisfactory way to resolve most vision problems. But some people suffer from higher distortions of the cornea (called aberrations). If you are one of these patients you will have reduced clarity of vision. Zeiss have come up with a solution using their patented iProfiler they can produce iScription lenses – these lenses are made to within a 0.12 Diopter of accuracy resulting in greater contrast, more brilliant colours and optimised night vision.

The iProfiler and iScription lenses by Zeiss

iprofilerThe iProfiler eye measuring system from Zeiss analyses the shape of the eye with extreme precision. The system’s Wavefront images, developed on laser eye treatment technology, measures the cornea shape in fine detail. The machine shoots a wave of light into the eye, which passes through cornea, pupil, lens, vitreous jelly then the retina at the back of the eye, where the image is focussed. The light then reflects back to the machine which is able to detect and graphically represent what has happened to that wave of light, caused by distortion of the cornea.

iProfiler Eye Distortion Measurement

The iProfiler will identify if the eye is distorted in any way. Eye distortion is not an uncommon condition and 60 – 70 % of people have some form of eye distortion. For most people it is not a problem and requires no action.

If the iProfiler identifies distortion of the eye, it will measure the distortion and indicate if it is significant enough to recommend the use of spectacles. If you have distortion of the cornea, spectacles could improve several conditions, prime amongst these are night vision, contrast and colour.

iScription lenses by Zeiss

The findings of the iProfiler examination are combined with the results of a normal eye test, to produce a prescription – the iScription. This prescription is met using lenses specially designed by Zeiss, to deal with distortion of the eye. These lenses are bespoke lenses, unique to your own eyes and compensates for the unique shape of your eye. Patients have reported enhanced vision, especially during night driving, enhanced contrast and vivid colour perception.

For more information you can download a leaflet here.